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E-Rate Consulting LLC, was founded by Richard Bernstein MA SDA MSC SUB, is a New York State Certified School District Administrator and a doctoral candidate at New York University Graduate School of Education. He has been involved in the administration of schools for the past thirty years and has consulted for the program since its inception in 1998.

Over the years he has secured millions of dollars in new funding for schools, restored hundreds of thousands of dollars in denied funding and positioned schools to deal with on site audits and fund recovery proceedings. Most importantly, he has guided schools through the e-rate process so that their applications undergo minimal scrutiny. Richard's golden rule is: applications that are done properly (within program rules and within specified and unspecified guidelines) at the onset, move through the process smoothly.

  • 12 Years Experience
  • Eligibility Expert
  • Oversees the intense paperwork
  • Responds to routine review of applications (PIA)
  • Responds to intense review of the application by Selective Review
  • Developed and won appeals to the SLD
  • Developed appeals for the FCC
  • Positions schools for on-site audits.

Your insights on the appeal were brilliant--but I never expected anything else - we got funded"

-R.V.- Mount St Michael

I knew I could count on you
-L.P.- St. Raymond

With you I know I can sleep at night
-R.E. - Staten Island

I would recommend you to anyone
-V.D. - Miraj

you have put forth clear and convincing arguments- Funding Approved